"I have the key to true success. I choose when to unlock it. I am ready for abundance and prosperity."

The keys are all very different, and they unlock very different things for everyone. The good news is, no one else can have the key but you. You are the one who holds the power to unlock all of your doors.

For some people the only thing holding them back is fear. Once they can acknowledge it, and make the choice to overcome it, they unlock their full potential of unlimited abundance.

For others it can be feeling unworthy of making money, or feeling guilty, etc. Ask yourself what is truly keeping you from being fully prosperous? Some deep thinking and meditation may be required here. Once you figure it out, you will still need to make a choice.  Will you turn the key to unlock unlimited prosperity we all have locked up tight within us?

What do the keys you possess unlock?

Have you opened doors to abundance in your life?

Which doors do you continue to knock on, hoping someone will unlock it for you?