You're Invited! Join me at the Creative Growth Summit Sept 10-13

Hey Creative Coven! 

I recently unveiled a HUGE collaboration I’m so excited about, and I KNOW you’ll love too. It's value-packed. It's a community-driven collaboration with dozens of industry experts.

And it's FREE!

From September 10th - 13th, the Creative Growth Summit is bringing us presentations from 40+ industry experts who are going to share all they know about automating, gaining visibility and scaling your business so you can put the PASSION back into your biz and leave the boring stuff to the robots.

A couple sneak peeks at some of the incredible topics that will be coming up at the Summit are:

  • Getting Published in a Magazine/Blog

  • Blogging Made Easy and Effective

  • How to Host Conferences, Workshops (virtual and in-person) and Virtual Summits

  • Creating a Paid Membership Site

  • Taking the Scary Out of SEO & Google Analytics

  • Automating Your Business So You Can Be Location Independent

  • and SO many more incredible topics!

But here's the thing...

You have to be registered for the summit to watch the presentations (and get all of the FREE virtual workbooks and swag that they'll have)!

Don't miss out on this awesome event! Click the button below to register now, claim your free ticket and get on the list so you can receive all the links you need to watch these super hands-on, content heavy presentations!


I'm so excited to see you there!

FREE Summit includes: Access to the Speaker & Breakout Session videos for 24 hours and all speaker freebies (after that, all videos go to the All-Access Pass vault)

I know you're busy... 

and it's hard to spend all day on these online webinars and video summits. That's why the brilliant people behind the Creative Growth Summit have you covered! They created the All-Access Pass for all of the hardworking, overwhelmed creative bosses like you.

Your All-Access Pass is only $49. And no, I didn't forget any zero(s).

For $49, you get:

FOREVER access to over 40 speaker presentations, totaling around 25 hours worth of content from expert business & marketing strategists in the creative industry.

• FOREVER access to workbooks, tutorials, trainings, mini courses and more from the speakers of the Creative Growth Summit

• Entry into the MASSIVE GIVEAWAY with over 40 winners and thousands of dollars in prizes

BONUS: Access to ALL of the workbooks, mini courses and other freebies from the past Creative Brand AND Creative Launch Summits

BONUS: Access to 8 of the BEST presentations from the past Creative Brand and Creative Launch Summits

I'll just let that all sink in...

And if you're a numbers person, here are some numbers to break down how obvious it is that you should get your pass NOW before the price goes up:

+ You could invest $399 into a course that has a QUARTER as many hours of content (~6 hours of content) or you could have access to four times as many hours on 4 course-length topics PLUS unique workbooks from over 30 unique creative minds.

+ You could buy 10 fancy Starbucks drinks with a satisfaction time of ~2 hours each, or you could invest in your business and return that $49 by booking higher paying, more dreamy clients

+ You could spend $1000 - $2500+ to attend a live conference, or you could get all of the same (and more!) content from literally the exact same speakers from the comfort of your home (for $49).

+ You could piece it all together yourself over the next 12-36 months, or you could save your sweet, future self tons of time and money, by getting all of the content in one location for you to access whenever you're ready, as many times as you'd like.

I don't know about you, but I've spent $50 or more on all kinds of things for my business that didn't have the immediate impact these online summits have. When I started my first business on Etsy, the Right Brain Business Summit changed my life. I bought the All-Access Pass, and I still use it to this day, over 8 years later! 

Ever since then, I have seen the extreme value in these upgraded packages. I recently purchased the All-Access Pass for the 6-Figure Coaching Summit, and it completely revolutionized my business. 

The All-Access Pass price goes up on Monday 9/10! Get in on the Early Bird Special while it's still here!

If you haven't registered for the Summit for FREE, then you can do so right here, and while you're there, before you forget, treat yo'self and get that All-Access Pass right here!

There are so many smart reasons to sign up for the Creative Growth Summit. The best way to learn from the experts who have already been where you are now is through events like this one. I highly recommend taking advantage of every free opportunity you find on the internet that resonates with you. And know when it's time to invest in something you don't want to forget when life gets crazy. 

P.S. If you haven’t signed up for the Creative Growth Summit, then you’re already missing out! (but don’t worry - I have a handy link right here). It’s a totally free, totally online conference with over 40 speakers and SO much information on gaining visibility, automating and systemizing your business, blogging, SEO, Pinterest and how to utilize additional income streams - I’ll be there and I’d so love to see you there, too!!

Sign up for FREE right here!

*Giveaways: We have some really great giveaway products that we're offering to All-Access Pass members only. If you'd like to contribute to this giveaway, please email