Time to SHINE, Moon Goddess! Stop promoting a generic brand that honestly kinda sucks. Stop worrying about your lack of graphic design skills or money to pay for a web designer! My clients all go through Bewitched Branding as soon as we start working together.

By getting down to the bare bones of their branding blunders, you will benefit from their mistakes and learn how to combine your mystical marketing platforms with your freshly, bewitched business. Stop wasting time backtracking and changing things you've already invested countless hours creating. Start creating effective content to repurpose and begin run your business sustainably now!


business personality Potion


Make a magickal first impression by offering a dose of something different. Your business needs to stand out, and not because it totally sucks. Conjure the magic ingredients to create a unique Business Potion, powerful enough to manifest success. Avoid blending in generic, copy/paste, cookie cutter designs, with free or stolen logos. Set yourself apart with style. Sometimes it's good to be an acquired taste. Do you like kombucha? My point exactly.

You're not the only one out their doing what you do, BUT you are the only one doing it the way YOU do it. Stop competing for clients, and start compelling people to hand their hard earned money over to you.

You are a valuable resource.

Present yourself like the Boss Witch you truly are, even if you're not quite out of the broom closet yet. No pointy hat requied!

  • Select the premium ingredients to season your special sauce
  • Create a batch of branding materials from top to bottom
  • Design a simple marketing menu for your guests to sample



Bewitched business realignment


So, you went the DIY route, and now you're not feeling connected to your business personality. You don't LOVE your logo. The content feels scattered, disorganized and confused. If you don't feel awesome about your business personality, it's guaranteed your potential customers and clients aren't feelin' it either!

There's still hope for you + your business! 

QUARTZ + COAL will analyze and scrutinize every inch of your business to find all of the gold and ditch the old look in favor of something aligned with your magickal mission.

  • Fall in love with your logo
  • Create a cohesive color scheme to pull it all together
  • Use words + images aligned with your offerings
  • STOP confusing + LOSING valuable customers and clients!

sacred spellwork for success


Starting from scratch or shifting gears is insanely overwhelming! Building your business from the ground up takes time, patience, a whole lot of hardwork and a little bit of magic! 

Guidance using sacred tools is a magical way to approach your business. Take time to work through your journey with the Major Arcana to find clarity about your business and your divine definition of success. 

Money is not the Devil. There is Strength in being steadfast. Temperance is attainable. You can wish on a Star and conquer the World, Boss Witch! Let the Tarot tell you how. 

  • Custom Tarot Reading to clarify your business purpose
  • Dig deep to define what sustainable success means to you
  • Explore the themes of the Major Arcana in the form of a sacred business plan