Hiring a professional coach, strategist, project manager or consultant is the last thing you think you can afford when you are learning the business basics. After working with clients all over the world, the same questions and building blocks kept come up.

To save you time + money in the beginning phase of your business, self-paced courses were crafted!

Self-paced courses are…

  • Designed for new business start-ups building experience

  • Affordable with a discounted paid in full option or payment plans

  • Slammed full of easy to follow lessons you implement immediately

  • Outlined to increase your business savvy on the beginner basics

  • Created to leave you feeling like a total Boss Witch

  • And they make sure you are ready to take your business to the next level!

Strategy Sessions fast-track your results helping you gain experience while making steady progress. Accountability, creativity and sustainability make Strategy Sessions ideal for busy Boss Witches crafting an empire.

You deserve access to the most valuable, useful information at your fingertips to manifest the career of your dreams!

Strategy Sessions are also great add-on guided tours for self-paced courses.

Upgrade to a Done-With-You, or Done-For-You package to infuse your course experience with extra accountability to help knock out your business to-do list.


Prepare for your first Strategy Session with these self-paced courses.

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