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I am a Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs and other brilliant women who have wonderful product/business ideas. Most of my clients are smart + capable, but most lack the direction or guidance they need/want to launch their business or take things to the next level. Anxiety, confusion, doubt, and fear encumber people brimming with talent + exciting ideas every day. Do you feel the same way?

While consulting several unique women from all walks of life on their business ideas, I began to notice a pattern. No one believed they were already entrepreneurs or small business owners. They didn't think they met their own self-imposed job description needed to claim their title. Have you accepted your dream job yet?



Personal branding is about embracing:

  • Who you are + what you love
  • What you have to offer the world
  • Why you started your business
  • What your business is all about
  • What sets you apart from your competitors

Presenting an authentic representation of yourself and your business can be difficult if the research hasn't been done to narrow down your goals, passions and values. Designing an accurate representation of the brand you are building is key for attracting and keeping the right customers.

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BizNiche Witch - Finding Your Ideal Customers

Figuring out who your ideal clients + customers are is a critical part of successfully running your business. The BizNiche Witch helps you narrow down the people you're targeting with your products + services in an exciting way. You'll create:

  • Customer profiles of your ideal clients/customers
  • Map out their favorite places to hang out
  • Transform their lives with convenience, inspiration, self-exploration, and various benefits they will gain from using your products/services 
  • Keep your fans close + your competitors closer with an in-depth analysis of the other companies scoping out your niche, and how you can magically set yourself apart

Your ideal customers are out there. Let's go find them! More details COMING SOON!