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QUARTZ + COAL is now offering tarot readings! The Full Moon in Taurus coaxed me out on a limb. I wanted to challenge my tarot knowledge by doing card readings for others. One of my favorite things is mail! So, I wanted to connect with some magickal moon goddesses by offering snail mail single card readings. Then a few people asked for a 3 card reading, and I thought, SURE! Why not?!? 


I charged my Luminous Spirit prism edition tarot deck (@goldenthreadtarot) under the Full Moon with my crystals + candles, and it’s all ready to travel to the 4 corners of the world. One, Three and custom card reading are currently available with this deck. Select the button below to gain insights from an outside source. 

I love doing my own readings, but sometimes having someone else pull cards for me, allows me an opportunity to detach from the emotional baggage I bring to my own deck. When an outside source reveals deeper messages from spirit, it can feel far more empowering. As a creative coach, I use a custom reading for clients to help learn more about them while showing them ways to combine business and magickal tools like tarot cards to their work. 

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Custom readings available, but LIMITED for this deck. 

Once your payment is received, an email will be sent to collect a mailing address. Please contact us if your PayPal account is linked to a different email address than your preferred method of contact. 

You will receive your intuitively drawn card and a hand written reading in the mail. All readings will have an awesome total solar eclipse postage stamp.

If you’d like a reading, click the button above to pick your card(s)! I hope you have a magickal day!

Thank you for stopping by! Don't forget to grab your free Full Moon or New Moon ritual today! 

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“My message was on point. It only reaffirmed what my intuition has been telling me. Beautifully written! Thank you Nicole!”
— Deja Osbourne