Shadow work is the self-talk you hear when no one is around. It is the voice keeping you up at night, when you should be dreaming. Shadow work is the darkness you hide from everyone else because you're afraid it won't be acknowledged or accepted.


Are you afraid of the dark? 

Your shadow is where a majority of your untapped potential to break the spell of silence, scarcity and creative paralysis is hiding. If you are struggling with a dark cloud you can't seem to outrun, it's time to learn how to find beauty in the darkness.

Shadow work is NOT evil.

Shadow work is NOT flirting with demons.

Shadow work is NOT illegal or harmful to yourself or others. 

Shadow work is your journey through darkness towards the light. No one is full of happiness + sunshine all the time! There is work to do for souls who are digging deeper. Connecting with your spirituality is done in the trenches. It's messy and usually stems out of tragedy, drama and unspeakable traumas. 

Shadow work is the heavy weight on your chest making it hard to breathe. It is the mountain of burdens on your shoulders causing poor posture, back pain and tension throughout your body. Shadow work will steadily help you stand tall and walk without fear. Shadow work is the ideal place to start truly aligning your chakras and syncing up with your natural cycles. Highs + lows in energy levels are NORMAL.

Nothing blooms all year, including you

Shadow work is the path towards the light. It's the prequel to light work--deeper meditation, abundant joy, and sunshine.

Are you familiar with the phrase, "Go within, or go without." Going within requires a deep, meaningful relationship with your shadow side. It is a way to detach from all of the social media noise, the toxic people + situations in your life, the comparison trap and the dreaded imposter syndrome. 

Going within through journaling, art + talk therapy and meditation with QUARTZ + COAL is the beginning. Using a combination of these elements, plus an assortment of bewitching practices while seeking inner peace through shadow work steadily illuminates more sacred space for healing + personal growth.


SHADOW WORK utilizes: 

  • candle magick 

  • tarot + oracle readings 

  • natural herbs

  • essential oils 

  • crystals

  • rituals + SPELL WORK

All of these activities and more are scheduled according to the moon phases to work with nature and preexisting cycles welcoming you deeper into Mother Earth's loving embrace. 

You have stardust in your veins. You are made of more than darkness. You are constantly evolving within the shadows. True light guides you every step of the way. Shadow work helps you see the light while guiding you to more abundance, confidence, creativity, joy, reassurance and inner sanctity. 


See what others truly see when they look at you. 

Shadow work is your mirror.


Listen to how beautiful it sounds when you express passionate feelings about your magickal mission.

Shadow work is how to hear your music.


Feel how aware you are of the glorious light hidden inside you.

Shadow work destroys the scary part, and you will see what is on the other side of your fears. It's time to show up + SHINE.


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Start getting the work done. Complete the application to see if you qualify for a spot to work with QUARTZ + COAL on your Shadow Work in 2018. Spots are limited. Please be prepared to commit to a monthly payment plan based on call time. Additional services are available, but subject to availability. Contact us at nicole@quartzandcoal.co for more information.