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Branding Audit

Making sure you haven’t made any mistakes and you are giving off a consistent vibe is my specialty. I’ve been doing word search puzzle books and spotting typos in every book I’ve ever read.

This means I give a comprehensive audit of all your content (the written junk you want to publish for EVERYONE on the internet to look at) and I make sure it sounds + feels like it all flows together.

It can be stressful and take so much time! Especially if this is a something new you are learning, instead of something you were born doing for as long as you can remember (like me *wink*).

Once you build something out of nothing, it is hard to look at it with fresh eyes and be objective. The overall look + feel and the message you are sharing about your business gives it a personality.

Getting a Branding Audit for your business is like getting a grade on the big test you took building your business. When you get done with a big project, turn it in to be reviewed. I’ll look it over, and grade it for you with notes on how to fix it—not just a slap on the wrist.

You know, the way a good teacher should help their students.


what's included in a branding audit?

  • Complete branding board workbook to check the flow of all colors, fonts and graphics on your website, social media profiles and any digital written content you share for free or for sale, such as opt-in downloads, blog posts, courses, workbooks, eBooks, your community.

  • Detailed report complete with suggested keywords, phrases, content, product + service offerings aligned with your current brand, as well as, suggestions to make your branding more clear, consistent + cohesive as it relates to your business and your magickal mission.

  • 90 minute Strategy Session to go into more detail about any questions, areas of concern or inspired actions you would like to discuss prior to creating or editing any content within your business.

Marketing Audit

Marketing can be a tricky process! Finding the right combination of branding, content creation, delivery channels and operating systems can be challenging for entrepreneurs and small business owners on every level. Optimize your marketing plan and your content funnel with an audit to make the most of your time + money. Get the word out about your business while making a memorable impact!


what's included in a MARKETing audit?

  • Copy of the Q+C Marketing Plan with suggestions on how to use the content calendar to increase your reach, as well as a traffic record tracker.

  • Detailed report complete with suggested schedules for content distribution, sales promotions, email marketing tips + tools, as well as, a workbook to make your marketing content more consistent + profitable while increasing the impact and value of your content in alignment with your business and your magickal mission.

  • 90 minute Strategy Session to explore details about areas of concern + inspired actions to answer any questions prior to creating new or editing existing content.

Operating your business can be set up to run on auto-pilot if you take the time to implement the processes + systems needed to run your business while you tend to the parts you enjoy! Take the weekend off, go on vacation and make sure you're covered in the event of an illness or unexpected emergency. This audit not only checks what operations you already have set up, but it also doubles as a set-up for new, applicable processes + systems necessary to streamline your business while making more efficient use of your time.

Operating systems included in this diagnostic report include basic website optimization, email marketing components, project management tools, funnels, and social media accounts.



  • Full diagnostic report of all existing processes + systems to explore key components in use and potential areas to improve and streamline operations.

  • Resource Kit with all recommended operating processes + systems to optimize operations, and suggestions for using them to make the most of your time while reallocating your energy elsewhere to ensure you are running the most sustainable, profitable business.

  • (2) 90 minute Strategy Sessions to explore detail about areas of concern + inspired actions, answer any questions you have before and after implementing new processes and/or systems within your business.

Operations Audit


Strategy Sessions

Gain deeper insights into course material, ask questions about your business, share new ideas and get creative suggestions to help you build, launch and grow your business. After purchasing a Strategy Session, you will receive an email with more information, including a questionnaire that must be completed before your session will be scheduled.

All Strategy Sessions are 90 minute long video or google voice calls. They are recorded, and you will receive a link to the replay along with a follow-up email including any afterglow inspiration. Your homework will be due within 1-2 weeks depending on the nature of the assignment, and an additional follow-up email will be sent regarding the homework. You will be able to respond to both follow-up emails once, but any additional emails will cost $20 per email*.  

Strategy Sessions are perfect for planning new product + service launches, getting fresh perspectives about ways to promote your business, increase engagement from your community and learn new tips, tricks + tools you can use to amplify your reach, run your business more efficiently and get motivated + inspired to work on your creative projects.

Strategy Sessions are reserved for clients who are willing to commit to the completion of homework assignments. If you are not willing to do the work, save your money and look for guidance elsewhere. Q+C strategies don't work unless you do! Please read this section carefully before submitting payment. Completed payments confirm your agreement to the terms + conditions of the Strategy Session emailing restrictions, as well as your permission to contact you via email and through Google Hangouts/YouTube or Google Voice for your call once payment is received via PayPal. All information discussed in the call is privately listed on the QUARTZ + COAL YouTube channel, and you will have unlimited access to the link. All information discussed in the call is confidential. Statements made as testimonials are not included, and permission will be asked before using your words as a review.