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It’s time to enter the season of self-love. The Self-Love Challenge is a 28-day journey full of mind, body, spirit and creative work to help you rewire your brain and create healthy, loving habits with journaling, self-care, gratitude, and self-exploration. See a full list of daily themes below!

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Hey! I’m Nicole the creator of the Self-Love Challenge and QUARTZ + COAL.

Thank you for taking the big step towards personal growth by Joining thE challenge to love yourself more!

By investing in yourself, you help creative entrepreneurs pursue their passion—increasing their own self-love + self-worth. You are making a difference every time you shop small, buy local and support your community. Thank you for your support + encouragement!

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One of the best ways to welcome abundance + happiness into your life is through the regular practice of self-love! This simple habit is as easy as waking up and saying I love you in the mirror. Take the challenge to heal yourself and stop giving yourself such a hard time. Enrich your day with a heart warming look at what makes you a magickal being worthy of so much love.

receive love letters in your inbox for 28 days with your daily challenge!

This practice helps you gain a deeper understanding of who you are so you can enjoy your own company while contributing to the world in a meaningful way. Self-love helps you get out of your head while learning to cope with life’s ups + downs—unemployment, overwhelming debt, loss of loved ones, relationship struggles, unbearable jobs, scarcity mindset, anxiety, depression and even good times when you need a reminder of how truly lucky you are to be alive. 

I'm here to support you whenever you feel like sharing! Your voice deserves to be heard. Simply tag @QUARTZandCOAL on Instagram or reply to any email with questions, comments or feedback about your Self-Love experience.

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The Self-Love Workbook includes:

  • inspiring affirmations + insightful quotes to brighten your day

  • daily 10 minute or less writing prompts to encourage you to look deeper into your soul

  • AND inspired actions to help you practice loving yourself in every way!

Once you sign up, your first love letter will arrive with the printable workbook for you to start filling out immediately! Print out your workbook and prepare to feel the soul stirring effects of making time to dig deep into your heart to unlock your dreams, your potential and your sense of self-worth.

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The Self-Love Challenge Workbook is designed to help you explore areas of self-love for your mind, body, spirit and creative work. It has space to write the affirmations 3 times every day to really drive it home. The simple writing prompts only take a few minutes to complete and the impact lasts indefinitely.

It takes less than 10 minutes each day to work on loving yourself a little more. Allow yourself to open up + dump the contents of your brain, creating space to take action. You also have the choice to dig deeper + take time to meditate on your answers while seeking guidance from the Universe as you complete each short journal page. Simply turn the page over to free-write on the back or continue your writing in a separate notebook.

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When I read the quote by Caroline Caldwell stating, “In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act."⠀

This resonated with me + inspired me to create this challenge from a place of rebellion. I want to shake up your idea of self-love. I want to encourage + inspire you to be a rebel! Learn to like yourself, but strive to LOVE YOURSELF. ⠀

You are such a unique, magickal, mystical creature. If you realized how many miracles took place to bring you into this world you would see how deserving you are of love. You are loved. The Universe holds you in the palm of it's hand, opening pathways to make room for your dreams to come true. Follow your heart, and you will find everything you are seeking.⠀

My intention for this Self-Love Challenge is to push you out of your comfort zone to encourage you to redefine love in a way that unlocks your power while inspiring you to play, laugh, relax and love your life + all of the magick around you every day. No big deal. Just dreaming big here! 

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I truly want this for you. You deserve to smile about the little things as often as possible. You deserve to let yourself cry when you are so utterly moved by accomplishments, beauty, courage, strength, gratitude, delicious food, stunning skyscapes, nature in all of its forms and genuine human kindness.

Even when I feel depressed I still find myself searching for love to pull me back out of the darkness. Lately, PMDD and horrible financial stress have made things unbearable. My hormones the day before I start basically take over my mind and leave me dangling at the end of my rope. It’s terrifying. 

I think this Self-Love Challenge found me when I need it most. Coming out the other side of grief has left me feeling empty. So much time was spent feeling sad. It’s time to get a refill in my self-love teacup. Let’s do this together and fill ourselves with self-love to help tap into the power we need to make our part of the world better. 

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Each love letter contains lessons I’ve learned the hard way in an attempt to help you navigate the shadows with guidance from someone who has been there. No one should feel alone. YOU ARE LOVED!

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