Welcome to our Creative Coven! T(Goddess)IF! It's been a busy week here. We've been scrambling around, doing New Moon rituals, writing blog posts + tarotscopes, and finishing up the last few loose ends on the website, so we could share it with all of you FIRST!

To begin, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this new adventure, and lighting a fire in me. This is something I have dreamed about for a VERY long time. Secondly, this email will be longer than most to help us get better acquainted. Thank you for taking the time to learn more.



Recently, I have been focused on coaching creative entrepreneurs and other brilliant artists who have wonderful products or business ideas. Most of my clients are so smart and capable, but they seem to be lacking the direction or guidance they wanted to really launch their businesses or take things to the next level. Confusion, fear, anxiety, and doubt were encumbering these people brimming with talent and exciting ideas.

I started noticing a pattern. No one believed they were already an entrepreneur or small business owner. They didn't think they met their self-imposed job description, giving them the permission needed to claim their own title. But, what is an entrepreneur anyway?



I'll be getting into the multifaceted details about entrepreneurship in my new, FREE email course. This collection of easy to follow, self-discovery exercises will walk you through the steps needed to believe in yourself and your ability to create a successful business. This course is an introduction to growth mindset and the Law of Attraction called Honoring Your Inner Entrepreneur. This course will be sent out every few days for a total of 6 emails in 2 weeks to complete your transformation. There are more details about it on the START HERE page.

**The password to access free classes is: OPENSESAME (case sensitive)**



Next, I'd like to introduce myself and a few members of our Creative Coven! Both of these wonderful witches are clients of mine, who have become good friends. They are held in such high regard, I have asked them to share their talents here to add another dimension to this weekly content. I present to you...


I worked with Deja on her Kickstarter project for the Manifesting Prosperity & Success Affirmation Deck earlier this year. The minute I started talking to Deja, I knew she was a game changer. Her work ethic is undeniable, and she can crank out amazing designs in NO TIME! She has helped me with several of my other clients--creating logos, press kits and promotional images for their social media. She is also in the process of creating a beautiful female empowerment, self-care ritual deck. She has so many incredible ideas we can't wait to share with everyone. Every week, we will be featuring one of her affirmation cards on the blog!






This week, Deja coincidentally drew a card about gratitude after reading the TuesdayTest Drive email with my FREE Daily Meditation Gratitude Journal page. The universe works in mysterious ways. More about her weekly affirmation can be found HERE. The free journal page is now linked on the website. When new members sign up they will receive it instantly, but if you missed it earlier this week, you can get your copy by clicking the link above. There is also a brief description about how I use mine on the blog.



I meet Sarah on Kickstarter, as well, early on in her Our Tarot campaign. We put our heads together and clicked instantly. Ideas were flowing all over the place! I helped Sarah keep it together through her whirlwind success once Our Tarot was spotted by the gracious Priscilla Frank, who wrote a lovely article in the Huffington Post Arts + Culture section about Sarah's tarot deck. Her campaign took off, and she raised DOUBLE her goal to create this unique, modern collection of art + magickal women.

Sarah will be contributing a monthly tarotscope, featuring the cards from her deck to predict some fun, eye-opening insights for your zodiac sign. This is such a fun way to collaborate, and I can't wait for you to read yours!



Finally, it is time for me to formally introduce myself. My name is Nicole, and I am the mastermind behind QUARTZ + COAL. It is my vision to create a community for people like me, who have struggled all of their life to find a place where they feel like they belong. Whether it was at school, a job, a social event or a gathering with family or peers--as hard as I would try--I never felt comfortable.

I've been learning how to live with anxiety, depression and society since I was in second grade. I have always been a "night owl." It's nearly impossible to fall asleep with such a loud, busy, buzzing brain full of ideas, lists, and fear. The more I learned about the world, the sadder I seemed to feel.

I was always the angsty teenager, doing everything I could to set myself apart but stay hidden simultaneously. I wanted so desperately to embrace all of my uniqueness and still be accepted. We all struggle with this challenge, but it seems to be especially difficult for creative introverts, like us.

Digging into magazines, books and the internet, I have carved out a little corner of the world where I feel safe. I have a full-time job, which seems to steal a tiny part of my soul every morning as I pass through the doors. I have an incredible 6 year old son, who is so much like me it fills me with equal parts JOY + sorrow. I know first hand how difficult life will feel to this tender boy. He is so smart, and I want to show him he can do absolutely anything he puts his mind to; he should treat everyone with kindness, respect and sincerity; and he should be good.

I was always encouraged by my mom to believe I could do anything I wanted, and I took her words to heart. I thought it would be a lot easier to figure everything out when I grew up. I didn't consider being fired from jobs I was good at, even if I never liked anywhere I work.

I've learned a lot about NEEDING and WANTING things so far. I've also learned a lot about my own personal power. Never feeling completely drawn to one specific spiritual practice or organization, I was elated when I discovered the open minded, all encompassing nature of witchcraft.

Given it's historically "bad" reputation by people who don't completely understand it, there is something so simple and so obvious about it.

Do no harm.

Use your power to improve yourself.

Protect + preserve nature.

You can worship any gods, goddesses, spirit guides, deities, or other spiritual beings you feel drawn towards. You can love whoever you love. You can celebrate any and all of the days of the year, regardless of your heritage, your belief system, your gender, your family name...

To me, witchcraft is about being limitless. I want to help you tap into the spring of inspiration that never runs dry.

This is a safe place.

We welcome kind words, open minds and good vibes only. I believe helping others, lifts everyone up. I believe you have to fill your own cup first before it can "runneth over," allowing for extras to share with others. In order to overflow, we must tap into our magick. That is exactly what we are going to do...