The more money you have, the more money you can give to help change the world.


Money does not buy happiness, but it does create more opportunities. In fact, a study by Princeton University found $75,000 is the maximum amount of money capable of increasing your happiness. Mo' money, mo' problems, right? Money is a catalyst for change. Removing blocks + opening pathways for multiple streams of revenue to flow into your life will increase your quality of life and ensure a secure future, freedom to travel, invest in assets like real estate and more!


Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is

It's really hard to live the life you want if you're wasting your money on things that are supporting your goals. When you think all day about something, you focus your actions on it or you are frozen by fear. Wanting a better life for yourself, the people around you and the planet is not selfish. Thinking + talking about it without showing up to do the work is selfish. You are taking up people's time telling them your plans, instead of inspiring them and proving to yourself you are willing to work for it with your actions. 

  • The difference between wishing for something + receiving it, is the energy you expend to achieve it. 
  • If you don't know what you want, you will never get it. Be as specific as possible. Make a fake bill for it, and start "paying it" into a savings account until there is enough to buy it.
  • Know your worth. Triple it because you know you're selling yourself short. Then add tax. And shipping + handling and processing fees. 
  • Identify when you are triggered by things that send you to retail therapy. Stop adding more fuel to the fire, especially if you are using credit cards to cover these emotional spending sprees, or you are overwhelmed because you have too much stuff!
  • Make a basic budget to identify the things you HAVE to pay for each month, and a more detailed budget for the types of things you WANT to pay for each month that get you closer to your goals. Be specific, thorough and honest with yourself.


Learn the difference between investing in your future and creating more stress in the present by understanding what types of investing is best suited to your lifestyle. If you have a ton of debt constantly growing due to interest rates and fees, but your saving accounts have lower returns, you're not even breaking even. Prioritize the here + now, and focus on saving for the future once you have a clean slate. This does not mean you don't have any savings, it means you are smarter about what kind of savings plan you are using to finance your future. 

  • Diversify your savings efforts and get real about your debts. 
  • Create accounts for your safety fund, your fun money and your expenses. Focus on finding the right percentage to allocate your income with a blend of heavily releasing the past, living comfortably in the present, and looking forward to something amazing in the future.
  • Look for opportunities to make more money. Even if you're selling your unwanted items online or hosting yard sales all summer. This could easily fund a vacation fund, make your annual home owners or car insurance payments or help you pay off your debt faster. 
  • Learn the real way to use cash.
  • Get ready for the future with unique investments. Quality over quantity can pay off big when you know what to buy.

Getting Keys to the Kingdom

Whether you dream of living on a cruise ship, a desert island, or a houseboat you can make it happen when you know what you want. Buying your dream house, your dream car, your dream camper or your dream farm all require a carefully detailed plan about exactly what the dream looks like in real life. Setting goals and celebrating milestones will help you reach your dream destination faster. But, it's like the Cheshire cat says, "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." 

  • Make a Bucket List, grab a calendar, look at your finances and figure out a plan.
  • Map out the best route to get you to Dream Land.
  • Take the first steps towards your destination, and keep looking for ways to get there without hitting traffic. Sometimes the long way around on a country road is easier than the shortcut through construction, narrow streets and getting lost in the wrong part of town. 
  • Identify the details you can use to take smart shortcuts. The locals always know the easiest, fastest way to get around town. Find the people near you who can tell you where to go.
  • Embrace where you are. If you can't pay your bills now, how are you going to be able to manage your finances when you have more expensive bills? Sometimes learning a new skill like responsibly budgeting and scheduling automatic payments is the best way to confirm you are ready to handle more income. More money means more problems when you don't know how to manage it! Get a grip on your spending habits + your savings goals, and you'll be feeling wealthy in no time! 

What happens after I buy Money Magick?


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