Hiring a professional coach, strategist, project manager or consultant is the last thing you think you can afford when you are learning the business basics. After working with clients all over the world, the same questions and building blocks kept come up.

To save you time + money in the beginning phase of your business, self-paced courses were crafted!

Self-paced courses are…

  • Designed for new business start-ups building experience

  • Affordable with a discounted paid in full option or payment plans

  • Slammed full of easy to follow lessons you implement immediately

  • Outlined to increase your business savvy on the beginner basics

  • Created to leave you feeling like a total Boss Witch

  • And they make sure you are ready to take your business to the next level!

Strategy Sessions fast-track your results helping you gain experience while making steady progress. Accountability, creativity and sustainability make Strategy Sessions ideal for busy Boss Witches crafting an empire.

You deserve access to the most valuable, useful information at your fingertips to manifest the career of your dreams!

Strategy Sessions are also great add-on guided tours for self-paced courses.

Upgrade to a Done-With-You, or Done-For-You package to infuse your course experience with extra accountability to help knock out your business to-do list.


Prepare for your first Strategy Session with these self-paced courses.

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Schedule an Audit

Branding Audit

Branding Audits review all of your content (the written stuff you post online for EVERYONE on the internet to look at) to make sure it all flows together.

It’s stressful and takes so much time to create new blog posts, social media posts, website copy, opt-in freebies, email sequences, sales pages and digital products, especially if this is something you are learning.

Once you build something out of nothing, it is hard to be objective. The overall look + feel of the message you are sharing about your business gives it a special personality—or brand.

Branding Audits offer a second look at your work with notes on keeping your brand identity crystal clear for your audience.


what's included in a branding audit?

  • Copy of the Bewitched Branding Workbook to make sure your marketing content is clear, consistent, cohesive and concise to increase impact + the value of your content

  • Detailed Branding Audit Report with suggested keywords, phrases, content, product + service offerings aligned with your current brand.

  • 90 minute Strategy Session to go over your report and answer any questions before creating new content or changing existing work.

Marketing Audit

Marketing is tricky without a process! The right combination of branding, content creation, delivery channels and operating systems is a challenge for entrepreneurs + small business owners on every level.

Optimize your Marketing Plan and your content with a Marketing Audit to get the word out about your business by making a memorable impact!


what's included in a MARKETing audit?

  • Copy of the Q+C Marketing Planner with suggestions on how to use the content calendar to increase your reach and record your traffic.

  • Detailed Marketing Audit Report with suggested schedules for publishing content, launching sales promotions, and sending email campaigns.

  • Copy of the Bewitched Branding Workbook to make sure your marketing content is clear, consistent, cohesive and concise to increase impact + the value of your content

  • 90 minute Strategy Session to go over your report and answer any questions before creating new content or changing existing work.

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It’s time to run your business on auto-pilot. Take the time to build processes + systems you need and free up more time to live your best life! 

Enjoy weekends off, go on vacation and cover all of your bases in case you get sick or have an unexpected emergency. The Operations Audit checks what you already have set up, and helps you create new processes + systems to streamline your business and make better use of your resources.

Operating systems include general website optimization, email marketing components, project management tools, sales funnels, and social media content publishing.


what's included in an OPERATIONS audit?

  • Operations Audit Report covering all existing processes + systems with checklists and identifying new ways to improve, organize and streamline future operations.

  • Resource Kit with recommended processes + systems to optimize your business and suggestions for using them to run a sustainable, profitable business.

  • 90 minute Strategy Session to go over your report and answer any questions before implementing new processes and/or systems within your business.

Operations Audit


Strategy Sessions

Gain deeper insights into course material, ask questions about your business, share new ideas and get creative suggestions to help you build, launch and grow your business. After purchasing a Strategy Session, you will receive an email with more information, including a questionnaire that must be completed before your session will be scheduled.

All Strategy Sessions are 90 minute long video or google voice calls.

  • They are recorded, and a link to the replay is sent with a follow-up email including any afterglow inspiration.

  • Your homework will be due within 1-2 weeks depending on the nature of the assignment, and an additional follow-up email will be sent regarding the homework.

  • You will be able to respond to both follow-up emails once, but any additional emails will cost $20 per email*.  

Strategy Sessions are perfect for

  • Planning new product + service launches

  • Getting fresh perspectives about ways to promote your business

  • Increasing engagement with your community

  • Learning about new tips, tricks + tools you can use to amplify your reach while running your business more efficiently

  • Getting motivated + inspired to work on your creative projects

Strategy Sessions are reserved for clients who are willing to commit to the completion of homework assignments. If you are not willing to do the work, save your money and look for guidance elsewhere. Q+C strategies don't work unless you do!

Please read this section carefully before submitting payment.

Completed payments confirm your agreement to the terms + conditions of the Strategy Session emailing restrictions, as well as your permission to contact you via email and through Google Hangouts/YouTube or Google Voice for your call once payment is received via PayPal. All information discussed in the call is privately listed on the QUARTZ + COAL YouTube channel, and you will have unlimited access to the link. All information discussed in the call is confidential. Statements made as testimonials are not included, and permission will be asked before using your words as a review.

Strategy Sessions are currently booked through the end of the year.

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One of the many mantras here at Q+C is, "Knowledge is POWER." Read more about branding, creating content for your audience + potential customers/clients and marketing your experience, products and services on the blog.

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