Sync your schedule with the energy + natural rhythms of the world around you.


Move beyond the traditional calendar to embrace astrological aspects of the Moon, Sun and planets as they influence your creative, productive and sustainable energy cycles. Discover the best times to work hard, play hard, and rest easy.


Channel Consistency from the Cosmos

Every month is different, but the Moon's cycle is always the same. Make small changes to align with the lunar cycles. Following the waxing + waning of the Moon shifts your energy between the left and right sides of your brain. Focus on to-do’s connected to the Moon's energy to let go of constantly feeling like you’re swimming up stream, or worse—drowning or being pulled out to sea.

  • Get in touch with your body's lunar cycle and pay close attention to how your energy fluctuations throughout each phase of the Moon's journey from New to Full to New again.

  • Identify which side of your brain is more dominant in your personality and your disposition. Stake the deck in your favor by playing to your strengths when the Moon is in your powerhouse.

Waxing, Waning + Work-craft

  • Develop a schedule set to the glowing + fading of the Moon's light in order to shine when it is time + retreat into darkness when needed.

  • Maintain consistent routines and monitor your progress while adjusting accordingly if you still aren't finding your natural rhythms. Implementing new habits takes time. Give yourself space to see what is too much and what is missing from the equation until the right blend is achieved.

  • Learn the powerful energy associated with each element + the cosmic characteristics as the Moon travels through the Zodiac each month to unlock the life forces you can generate in each sign to help you achieve your goals.

  • Harness the power of preparation by planning ahead, batching content, designing templates to reduce repetitive tasks and create a more consistent process to streamline your business operating systems online + off.


Whole Body Moon Healing

  • Meal planning + prepping allow you to eliminate the need to scramble for sustenance after a long day. Preparing meals + snacks in advance will make your day and your digestive processes flow more efficiently.

  • Water is strongly influenced by the Moon, so it makes sense to take special care of your body when it is composed of mostly water. Hydration promotes healing, regeneration, elasticity, and complete organ function including your skin, your brain and your sensory system.

  • Use the Moon's energy to moderate an exercise plan congruent with your body's growing and shedding cycles. Menstrual cycles should be monitored carefully since energy fluctuation are directly linked to hormones.

What happens after I buy Lunar Logistics?


Align with the energy of the Moon while it waxes + wanes through the Zodiac. Focus your time in a new, organically organized way. Habits take 28 days to become a part of your normal routine. The moon takes 28 days to orbit the Earth—coincidence?


Lunar Logistics encourages you to manage your to-do list in a simple way. Schedule your tasks and your time in a sustainable manner. Your body has been following the Moon your whole life. Let go of traditional time management, and feel one with the Universe!  


This course includes emails with writing exercises + simple action steps, worksheets, guided activities using free tools and a few video tutorials. You’ll receive a welcome package when you purchase the course with more details and a suggested schedule.


After you pay for the course, you’ll get an email to verify your contact information. Q+C loves mail! To give you the full experience, I wanted to offer a physical copy of the full course workbook. Plus, it’s fun to get something in the mail besides bills!


Lunar Logistics is currently available for PRE-ORDER only. All materials will be released in January. Reserve your copy before the price increases on launch day!



Interested in adding on a Strategy Session? 

Additional assistance is available if you are interested in scheduling a Strategy Session to develop a customized plan for your business activities, discuss personal activities you can try to identify which moon phases effect you the most and find unique ways for you to align with the moon every day to expand and enrich your practice.