Leverage a kick-ass crowdfunding campaign to raise money to bring your creative project idea to life with Kickstarter. 


A lack of funds should not hold you back from fulfilling your dreams. Kickstarter has been the epic pre-sale strategy used to raise money for over 149,000 fully funded projects. With over 15 million backers and growing, this unique platform is the perfect way to catapult your creative idea into the realm of existence. 



Crafting a plan

The hardest part about Kickstarter is making sure you have a plan of attack capable of compelling people to act fast + eagerly share your project to allow it to reach it's full potential. Crafting a strategy for creating the best product, with the most captivating campaign page, the coolest rewards and the right budget takes serious due diligence. You also need to build hype, share your process throughout your progress, and open up to reveal the real reason you are making magick. 

  • Every idea needs a course of action in order to manifest it into reality. 
  • Smart goals require a timeline, equipped with milestones + progress reports to reinforce your intention to continue. 
  • Sharing your inspiration, your process, your systems and your vision with your audience and potential backers is instrumental for growing awareness + interest in your project.
  • Encourage onlookers to engage with you while becoming an integral part of the finished project. Their input can make or break your campaign!
  • Focus on the right details and let go of the factors you cannot control. Crunch your numbers, learn who can help you make it happen, and remember why you started, then launch it into the world and watch it grow! (Preferably on a New Moon *wink*)



Manifesting the means to Make THE Magick

Crowdfunding is a newer concept that is growing into a real source for income, inspiration, and innovation. Consumer-driven product creation speaks volumes about the Makers Movement and the prevalence of entrepreneurial hearts + souls of this time period. It tends to emulate a modern day Renaissance vibe. Anything is possible, especially with supportive peers helping you construct the most important part of the puzzle--community.

  • Planting the seed of your idea can be dark + scary at first. Risks and time involved in nurturing your tiny seedling up through fruition is a labor of love + loss. 
  • Setbacks are set-ups for comebacks. Don't get discouraged when you get a 'No.' Keep asking until someone says 'Yes!'
  • Work with your senses to honor the emotional investment you are infusing into your project. Continue working like it has already been fully funded. Look at the finish line, not your feet.
  • Stay hydrated! It's a long race. Depending on how long you decide to run your campaign, you risk burnout early on if you try to sprint right out of the gates. Take your time and give it room to grow organically with gentle coaxing and consistent content sharing.  
  • Give your supporters and biggest fans the stage. You are biased about how great your project is, but word of mouth from someone else can be all the social proof you need to reassure your audience it's worth taking a chance on you. 

Coming full circle

When you reach your goal, you don't stop there! This is when the real work begins. Planning the last leg of the race is the longest, and surprisingly the most frustrating because it is usually the part you are least prepared to complete. It is also the part you have the least control over. Doubts and worst-case scenarios prohibit people from planning the ending for fear of the unknown. Live the life of your project in reverse, and look at the last page first. What do you want the final results to look like? How will you leave your backers feeling when it's all said + done?

  • Deconstruct your project with the finished product in mind. Contact the production teams who will help you carry this across the finish line with ease. Request samples, get detailed prices for every possible basic + upgrade ingredient necessary to make something incredible.
  • Create a prototype, and get opinions + feedback on the features your testers love and don't necessarily want or need. If you're getting repetitive advice about something LISTEN! 
  • Know the benefits and the potential consequences of your product and make them clear in your campaign. Answer questions and use this to your advantage when presenting the product to others to save time by eliminating repetition. 
  • Make sure your stretch goals don't stretch your budget. Keep track of expenses as your campaign grows to make sure you have enough to cover fees, shipping costs, and unexpected mistakes. 
  • Work as efficiently as possible to send rewards by creating an organized system for batching orders and confirming each backer got exactly what they paid for and let them know when to expect their package in the mail.
  • Under promise, over deliver! Quality control sets you up for success. Don't strive to be a one hit wonder. This is just the beginning of something beautiful. The foundation you lay throughout this project can set you up with a booming business or a nice anecdote to share when you're old. (This one time I ran this crowdfunding project and raised $....)

What happens after I buy Kickstarter Cosmic Sidekick?


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Interested in adding on a Strategy Session?

Additional assistance is available if you are interested in scheduling a Strategy Session to organize your campaign, establish a financial plan to successfully fund your project and learn how to create a share worthy media kit and marketing schedule.