Welcome to the Business Book of Shadows. This is my personal collection of professional work combined with my magickal practice. Call me the Queen of Correspondences. I love synchronicities and finding patterns, so witchcraft was an instant passion of mine as soon as I discovered it. Like a lot of young girls, it started out like the cool, secretive, occult, rebellious thing to do. I always knew I was different, and talking about being a witch just made you stand out like even more of a weirdo. I liked that. In 5th grade I had a shirt from Gabe's with turtles on it. They all had different colored, decorated shells, and the bottom said, "Uniformity is boring." I think it was designed and sold by Union Bay if anyone remembers them. If you find that shirt in a musty thrift store somewhere, we'll become BFFs if you send it to me.