The Heart of Gold Gratitude Practice is a 30 day email challenge using a gratitude journal to add value to your life while eliminating feelings of scarcity, lack and inadequacy.

Start each day with Gratitude to break through the bullshit. Escape your comfort zone, face your fears and allow abundance to flow into your life infinitely! It's easier to focus on what you have when you stop worrying about what you think you want. Manifesting abundance begins with an Attitude of Gratitude. Wake up and say thank you before your feet even hit the ground. Pause + reflect on a few things you are grateful for before starting the hard work to reach your goals. At the end of the day, remember what you are thankful for before you drift off to dreamland. Grateful hearts breathe easier, sleep better, wake up happier and experience more joy. Happiness begins with appreciating the rich life you already live.

Look at the world with wonder

You are surrounded by magick every minute of every day. Take time to acknowledge the beauty all around you. There are infinite miracles taking place everywhere. 

  • Focus on one specific area of your life to be grateful for each day.

  • Take a few moments each morning to wake up feeling lucky to be alive.

  • Look around and find the magick in the things you once took for granted.

Through Darkness, Find Your Light

When you feel lost, stuck, trapped, buried and overwhelmed, take time to embrace the darkness in order to find the light.

  • Guided gratitude journal prompts help you explore the bright side and the dark side of the things influencing your every day life.

  • Write about things you want to learn about and make space for more abundance in your life.

  • Practice the habit of being grateful to rewire your brain to look for the good instead of the bad in everything.

Allow Gratitude to Guide You

Seeking things outside of yourself is the surest way to feel like you aren't enough. Scarcity prevents so many people from achieving greatness. You have everything you need inside you.

  • Value the skills + education you have gained. Honor your experiences + influences that have shaped you.

  • Use your passion, natural talents and strengths to guide you in the direction of your dreams.

  • When you begin to realize how much you actually have, share it with others. Value yourself + pay it forward.

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