Start your day with meditation - show your gratitude to improve your ATTITUDE!

By now, you have received your Daily Meditation journal sheet, or you can get yours by completing the form below. We'll send you one right now! I created this form roughly 8 years ago when I was doing a yoga boot camp in Charlotte, NC. It helped me focus on gratitude and self-improvement so much. I've been sharing it with my clients over the years, and it has been getting great feedback. It's very easy to use!

I like to complete mine first thing in the morning when I get to work. It gives me a moment to take pause, and collect my thoughts. I start my day focused on my priorities. This helps me stay aware of things I am grateful for throughout the day as well. Often times I find myself eager to create my list for the following morning throughout the day. 

Personal, I have found multiple ways to phrase these questions when completing the list. Things you want + need do not necessarily have to be material possessions. Really pay attention to the difference between what your mind lists when you think about WANTING to do something and NEEDING to do something. They are very different priorities. 

Through several years of completing this journal entry, I have found it much harder to stay consistent with it if I try to do it before bed as a summary of my day. It works best for me to start off on the right foot while I have the energy and the willpower. As the day progresses, my ability to give a fuck about something tends to wane pretty substantially. This makes sticking to new tasks difficult when you're trying to cultivate new habits. 

If you feel comfortable, you're more than welcome to send me a copy one day, and we can review some of your answers. Each week, I will share a summary of the items I have listed on mine. I'd also recommend printing off a week or so at a time, or designating a specific journal to record your answers without printing a million copies! Eventually, I will be having actual journals printed to eliminate a step, but until then, please enjoy the free DIY version! 

Please let me know what you think, and if you have any questions! 

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