Surrounded by overwhelming chaos, clutter, and complete creative paralysis, you realize you have too many ideas and what feels like not enough time to get all this shit done!

You are stressed the fuck out, drowning, shrouded in darkness and lost, and you're sick of it!

It's the end of 2017 -- you've had absolutely enough of this bullshit-- and something has to change.

The Omega Project is a week long, motivational + organizational, kick in the assets, training camp, led by a creative coach ready to get you to the bottom of your neverending to-do list. 

Learn how to figure out EXACTLY what you want by digging into all of the distracting clutter keeping you from achieving the calm + consistent lifestyle. 

Break apart your goals into small, easy to finish steps. Stick them to a calendar built to remind you what you want the minute you look at it. Make notes of every milestones you reach while achieving flexible goals for your creative projects, personal goals and daily obligations. Quickly reference important event.

The Omega Project creates a map to show you EXACTLY where you started when you get halfway down the road and forget how far you've come. No more feeling like a lost, failure who doesn't remember what to do next. You know EXACTLY what you need to do! Look at the end result you want to accomplish and break it apart into smaller steps you can map out on your motivation planner.