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JOIN the FULL MOON CIRCLE Saturday, 9/14 @ 7pm

SIGN UP DEADLINE: Thursday, September 12 by midnight

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unlock the magic inside you — harness the power of the moon

Feeling confused, lost or stuck? It’s time to let go of things getting in your way.


Full Moon Circles are the perfect healing environment to release + clear the path to help you make progress on your goals.

Setting meaningful, powerful intentions during the Full Moon is like weeding your garden or decluttering your home. Once all the extra stuff is out of the way, it’s easier to grow and enjoy your sacred space.

Join the Full Moon Circle and enjoy an evening of fun, food, fire and friendship! You’ll also receive a special ritual kit to continue connecting with the Moon at home.

I’m hosting at my home in Fairmont, West Virginia. We’ll spend time talking and making new friends, writing down your intentions, releasing doubts + fears with a bonfire ceremony and feasting on homemade snacks and s’mores!

Save the Date — SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 from 7-10pm EST

(RSVP ASAP—Only 7 spots available! COST: $40 per person)


Hey! I’m Nicole the creator of QUARTZ + COAL.


By investing in yourself, you make a difference in your part of the world. Every time you shop small, buy local and support your community the ripple effect creates real MAGIC.

I appreciate your support + encouragement! It’s an honor to witness your personal growth. Thanks for sharing your magic with the world.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How to RELEASE + LET GO with a Full Moon Ritual

  • What you need to do a Full Moon Ritual

  • How to Set Intentions with the Full Moon

  • What to do AFTER your Full Moon Ritual to get results fast!

Event Details:

WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 14th, 7-10 pm

WHERE: My home in fairmont, WV [Directions sent via email]

COST: $40 per PERSON

SIGN UP DEADLINE: Thursday, Sept. 12 by midnight


After you RSVP - YES…

  • Check your inbox for the confirmation payment link. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please hit reply and I’ll send you an invoice. Additional payment options are available. Let me know if you prefer Venmo or cash.

  • You’ll receive 2 emails with details about the event, including the menu, details about the ritual kit, directions to my home and reminders so you don’t forget!

  • Spread the word! Share Instagram posts or get the word out on Facebook and invite your friends to join you. All are welcome, but we only have 7 spots available, so don’t wait.