When you're chasing the light, practicing extensive self-care and working towards healing--the first spell you cast is your own shadow. Shadow work refers to all of the dark work you do on the inside. How do you face the person you see in the mirror every day? How do you care for others if you don't make it a priority to care for yourself first? Stop competing and comparing yourself to anyone who isn't the person you were 5 years ago, 1 year ago, 1 month ago, 1 week ago, yesterday, 5 minutes ago...

Take the time to go within, or learn to continue going without.

At the starting point on the map to true prosperity, acknowledging the abundance you already possess is paramount. You won't get very far if you aren't grateful for what you have--not just material possessions. Valuing yourself and all of the magickal gifts locked up inside is groundbreaking work. It's shadow work.

You've probably been guilty of doubting your abilities and your strengths due to the comparison trap and all of the glossy, sparkly highlight reels everyone else is projecting. Perhaps, you've been lucky enough to find June Gloom and all of her perfectionistic imperfections. Don't get June confused with Negative Nancy! June is the realist chick who is a comfy size 12, rocking thrift store threads, handmade jewelry and her friends hand-me-down, vegan, pleather jacket. June reads comics, eats mostly vegetarian but no soy, participates in feminist rallies, crafts up a storm to gift thoughtfully conceived gifts for her close circle of 3 friends and her favorite family members. June has a #13 tattoo and a few piercings. She's modern, edgy, alternative, yet casual. She likes mid-century modern and yard sale interior decor. Her favorite book is The Bell Jar, favorite movie is Fern Gully and favorite tv shows are Broad City and Girls, but she'd rather be listening to podcasts or audiobooks. She goes to art galleries and museums and cultural events. She appreciates architecture and culinary arts.

June is the girl who is too cool for the weird kids, but also too weird for the cool kids. She's not vanilla or chocolate or strawberry. She's some special blend of Ben & Jerry's, but dairy-free with a pleasing aftertaste. June works with tarot and oracle cards every day. She celebrates every season in her own way. Her house is full of houseplants, cozy blankets, journals, art and candles. She can weather any storm. She is an island, but she can swim as far as she needs to when it is necessary.  She tells time by the moon and the stars. She's good at math, science and languages. She dabbles in poetry and song lyrics, but she'd never consider herself a writer. The perfect gift would be the old, black typewriter her grandmother had before she died and her aunt donated it to the Salvation Army. The perfect date would be meeting at the local cafe for a chai tea, walking around the park and getting dinner from a food truck, watching a movie on the grass at the amphitheater and saying good night under the stars in front of her apartment. She'd go inside and burn incense, pour a glass of wine and write for hours in her journal about anything but what just happened. She has an entire world under her skin, and she's not quick to let just anyone in. 

It's Thursday night, and tomorrow is the Full Moon. June wants to plan a special ritual to help her release her walls, brick by brick. She wants to feel less skittish when she walks by clean shop windows and catches her reflection. She wants to keep her head up when she's whistled at or catcalled, so they know she doesn't give a fuck about their opinion. She's a mind and a body, and so much spirit! She's a moon goddess. She's a night owl. She's a phoenix. She burns everything that isn't pure poetry.  Ironically, her favorite place is in her old bathtub. The yearning to be submerged is a fleeting thought, flowing through her mind  several times a day when the world feels heavy. June knows only the water can hold her the way she hopes to be held. Weightless and wavy, a warm bath is the only way to get closer to her shadow side. Where else can you escape to the sound of your heartbeat, and let your feet rest a little long...

June wants to teach you how to embrace your shadow side. She wants to show you where the cracks are letting the light in. She wants to help you break out of the mold society cast you in. She wants to teach you the words that spell salvation. She wants to learn what makes you ignite with passion. She wants to know what keeps you alive, what keeps you awake at night, what you hope for, what you wish for on birthday candles and shooting stars and eyelashes and dandelions. 

June wants to be the best friend you never knew you didn't need, because she is you. She has always been you. Even if you don't like the same things or do the same things or want the same things. June has embraced her shadow and she can show you how you can too. June will hold your hand. June will be your shoulder. June will answer the call of the wild. June with go where no one else will set foot alone. June is never alone. She is summer and she is winter and she is light and she is darkness. She is hot and she is cold and she is glowing, shrouded and hidden. The light shines from the inside. It is her seed. She is the life force. The shadow is not behind her--it is all around. She shines from within, and she knows there is no such thing as without. She is everything and more. She is your shadow. She is the stars, the sky and the moon. She is also the sun.