First, I want to thank you for your interest in the cover art design contest. QUARTZ + COAL is looking for a special design to make the Heart of Gold Gratitude Journal as amazing as possible. I want to see how you interpret gratitude into a work of art straight from your very own heart of gold!

The winner will be featured on the cover of the Gratitude Journal (after the Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded*) and you will receive (25) copies of the journal ($250 value) to keep or share with the people you are grateful for in your life! 

Copy of kickstarter cover image.png

Here are the details to enter the contest:

1.) Mark your calendar with the deadline to send in your designs--Monday, October 1, 2018 at 11:59pm (PST).

2.) Download the application with design specs by completing the form below.

3.) Create something magickal from your Heart of Gold.

4.) Then, share it with #QCGratitude, so it can be seen by everyone who will be inspired by your talent + your vision. Remember to tag @QUARTZandCOAL too!

Ready to share your ideas + your artwork?

You have until Monday, October 1 at midnight (PST) to send your images to QUARTZ + COAL for a chance to grace the cover of the Heart of Gold Gratitude Journal! If you don't submit an entry, you won't be able to see your design come to life!

Fill out the form below to receive the full submission guidelines:

Questions? Feel free to contact Nicole by email [CLICK HERE]

Learn more about the Kickstarter by clicking here:

kickstarter cover image.png

* - If the Kickstarter campaign is not successfully funded, other attempts to raise money in order to print the journals will be made. All designs will be held until funding has been raised, and the winner will be confirmed and awarded with copies of the printed journal complete with their artwork on the cover. 

For a complete copy of the Contest Rules click here.