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3C Marketing Planner

Create Consistent Content in 2019

Through years of coaching, I have narrowed down the key lessons all of my creative clients have been seeking when they started working with QUARTZ + COAL.

These lessons are outlined to guide you to the end results you want to achieve through intentional, organized, spiritual means. The 3C Marketing Planner is an easy to use system designed to help you automate parts of your business you don't enjoy to free up more time to work on your creative passions. 

The 3C Marketing Planner puts an end to external validation and helps you define success from an inward, sacred source. Building a business on a sustainable foundation requires strong insights into how you want to feel at the end of the day at the end of the year and even a deeper look into the end of your life. You are creating a legacy with every action you make and every word you share with the world. The 3C Marketing Planner aligns with your magickal mission to let you write your own ending.


Hey! I'm Nicole, the Founder of QUARTZ + COAL.

I've combined my magickal business, branding, marketing and organizational superpowers to offer you lessons about:

  • Brand Identity

  • Intentional Goal Setting

  • Strategic Planning for you + your growing business.

beginning with the end



don't miss your opportunity!


lesson plans:


lesson 1 - Word of the Year

picking a word of the year provides clarity when you need to focus on your goals without being overwhelmed. It's like a safe word to stop the self-destructive, trash talk and remember why you started.



lesson 2 - Set Your goals + make a game plan

once you're clear on  the end result you want to achieve, you'll break it down into all of the tiny steps. from the beginning you'll build the foundation to sustain your business and yourself all the way to the finishing touches that set you apart!



lesson 3 - branding + your online presence

To set yourself apart, you'll need to look the part and leave people with a good impression so they remember your name when they are spreading the word like your own group of FREE promoters + influencers.



lesson 4 - Using systems + processes to save time

Saving time requires a tried + trUE system built with all of the tiny processes you complete to get shit done every day when you're running your business. this is how you start automating actions to set up AUTOPILOT when it's time for a vacation or a safety net when you're sick or dealing with whatever life throws at you. your business shouldn't suffer because you need a day off!


lesson 5 - pricing your products + offerings

Money is the motivation for a lot of entrepreneurs, and honestly, we all need it to survive. if you aren't making a profitable product or offering services priced to properly compensate for your time, you'll go out of business if burnout doesn't get you first! 



lesson 6 - get organized!

your new business will take up a lot of space and so does your life. learn how to create an organized, peaceful setting in order to harness a calm, focused mind with less anxious external chaos! this is a huge factor for a lot of entrepreneurs out there. put an end to the lack of organization.



lesson 7 - time management + the moon = magick

everything goes through a cycle, including the moon! your creativity, energy and motivation are a few things you may have  noticed going up + down with the changing phases of the year, the moon and the day! figure out the right time to maximize your ability to get shit done!


Take a closer look...

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Self-Starters have access to the OMEGA PROJECT workbook as a self-paced study guide for only $49. (valued at $59)

Intentional Entrepreneurs will receive a workbook and 2 weeks of emails as part of the self-paced course (7 lessons -- valued at $99) full of extra exercises + useful tools to help you get organized and finalize your magickal plans for an abundant 2018 for $139.

  • It is packed full of great resources like the websites, books, podcasts, blogs, software and online courses I highly recommend for anyone who wants to take the scenic route.

  • You'll also get your very own OMEGA PROJECT workbook to complete with each email lesson. (valued at $59)

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Magickal Masterminds embrace your power + connect in weekly group calls before, during and after The OMEGA PROJECT for $499. 

  • Upgrade your email course to include helpful video lessons to save you time, along with the 2 week email exercises + toolkit!

  • Connect with like-minded mystics full of unique insights + experience during (3) Group Coaching Calls. It's the BEST place to meet collaborative partners. (valued at $39 each)

  • We all have strengths. Your greatest strength is admitting your weaknesses and finding people who excel in those areas to help you grow + succeed through a cooperative, creative coven!

  • Get organized and stay on track with your copy of the OMEGA PROJECT workbook to complete with each video/email lesson. (valued at $249)


Boss Witches will get to connect with me on 1:1 Coaching Calls providing you with more detailed, in-depth advice on your personal business goals, plans and strategies for $1199.

  • Secure extra accountability by claiming 1 of 13 spots available for bi-weekly, 60-minute coaching calls. (valued at $129 per call)

  • You'll get a total of 6 Strategy Sessions for sharing ideas, exploring possible streams of income for your business, discussing ways to cut costs and increase your profitability and planning to keep you organized and on the right track!

  • These honest, enlightening and motivating calls will leave you with a new wealth of knowledge and encouragement to keep building your creative passion project one step at a time!

  • All of the individual guidance you want.

  • PLUS Mastermind Group Calls to connect with your creative coven. (valued at $39 each)

  • Video + email lessons full of extra exercises + useful tools (valued at $249)

  • AND the OMEGA PROJECT workbook (valued at $59) to keep all of your valuable lessons in one place!


"One of the most important things to me is having the confidence to run my business on my own. I don't feel scared to make decisions anymore like before. I have a huge sense of clarity + courage, and I think that's super important. Nicole taught me that."

Deja Osbourne, Artist + founder of

steph2 round.png

"I always look forward to my conversations with Nicole. She strikes a unique balance of careful listening and sharing her wealth of experience + ideas. She never fails to leave me with helpful insights, ideas and questions to ponder, and not to mention her soothing lovely voice! Thanks to her, I’m even back to drawing and painting, which I haven’t done since college.

Overall, she helped me prioritize what was important in my life and opened my mind. And yes, she’s definitely worth every penny!"

stephanie aung, intimates + apparel designer

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do I have to have a business already?

Nope! This course is set up to show you how to start from the very beginning phase of starting a business, but it is full of resources you will look back on for years to come as things evolve.

+ Do you have a Facebook group for this?

No. I'm not a fan of Facebook groups, and they require a lot of time to manage if you don't have moderators. This course is new, and in order for 1:1 clients and the Magickal Masterminds to get as much from their coaching sessions as possible, there isn't extra time available for a group. We have live group coaching calls available for Magickal Masterminds + Boss Witches, and they will receive access to replays. If you would like to be more social, and interact with others in the course, please purchase a package with a group component!

+ Can I get more coaching calls?

Absolutely! The schedule is limited during the open course period; however, if you want more individualized, 1:1 feedback, additional coaching calls can be purchased for $179 per 90-minute call, $129 per 60 minute call and $89 per 30 minute call. Packages + local consultations are available if you're interested! Email me at for more information.

+ How long will the course last?

The course is broken up into 7 lessons that will be delivered via email every other day for 2 weeks, beginning February 5 until February 20. Group coaching calls and 1:1 calls will be scheduled before, during and after the course. Boss Witches will have 3 coaching calls to use after the course. I recommend a monthly accountability call, but most clients prefer bi-weekly calls when they first start working with QUARTZ + COAL.

+ What do I need to buy in addition to the course?

As you complete the course, you will be making some SERIOUS progress on building your business. While we all want to grow as fast as possible, sometimes our bank accounts have a hard time matching our ambitions. In this course, we try to recommend as many FREE resources as possible to buld a lean business in the beginning.

Some investments worth making in your business include domain names, web hosting and other marketing tools + apps you can download to help build your business when you have extra funds. Please inquire before signing up for any of these major purchases. We have a variety of discounts and affordable alternatives listed in the resource guide. We are happy to match you with tools and other investments aligned with your budget!

NEVER feel obligated to buy anything you aren't ready to add to your business! We do not advocate for going into debt when you're trying to build a sustainable business!

Some tools you probably already have that will be helpful while completing the course include:

  • cell phone
  • computer
  • notebooks/journals
  • calendar/planner
  • pens/pencils
  • art supplies
  • magazines
  • books (Library cards are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)
  • candles
  • crystals
  • incense, Palo Santo and/or sage

+ Do you have a refund policy?

This course is a collection of over 16 years of education in business, marketing, social media and life experiences in sales, financial and legal matters. If you find this course to be lacking in the content described above, please contact us to answer any questions you believe were not answered.

Due to the digital nature of this course, we do not offer refunds after the course has been sent. If you would like a refund prior to the course being delivered, please contact us at

Please remember, your results are a direct reflection of your efforts. The course does not work, unless you do! The information presented here is a collection of examples and suggestions. This course is not guaranteed to magically create a successful business. Businesses take extreme patience, time and effort to be profitable. Please keep an open-mind, and let us know if we can help in any way. We want nothing more than your success! A rising tide lifts all boats...we're here to help you RISE!