BizNiche Witch is about attracting people you're proud to call your community.


Your business is built to serve clients + customers drawn to what you have to offer. Spend time helping people you enjoy working with. Learn how to reach out and connect with the incredible people waiting to experience your magick.



Covens over Competition

Building a business requires an audience who is interested in supporting your magickal mission. Often times the concept of creating a community is overlooked in favor of simply seeking customers or clients. But who else is as uniquely qualified to speak on your behalf when an obvious need can be filled by you, and you're not there to close. Word of mouth referrals begin with a ripple effect. Your message spans a reach far beyond your social media profile, your website and even your physical presence. 

  • Learn how to create a welcoming environment that encourages sharing, open dialogues and honest opinions. 
  • Foster relationships with a variety of people who share common interests, hobbies and aesthetics to refine your inner circle.
  • Be aware of potential opportunities to encourage, promote, hire and refer your community members to help everyone rise.
  • Offer constructive tips + helpful advice when you feel intuitively called to help someone who is facing a situation you are familiar with based on experience and learned problem solving.
  • There is no such thing as being too nice unless it is not sincere + genuine. Communities are only as strong as their weakest intentions. Keep a pure heart when offering advice, assistance and acceptance to newcomers. Expect nothing, give everything, but set realistic, healthy boundaries. Your time + experience is valuable. 

Narrow Your Niche Not Your Mind

Learning the demographics of your audience is not as difficult as it sounds. Pay attention and look for clues. Everyone leaves breadcrumbs all over the internet. Take notes and you will start to notice the patterns as more people begin to gravitate to your message. What hashtags are working? What connections do you have in common? Who else are they following that you might be excited to learn more about through their feed? What kind of content do they like to share? These questions help you understand what your customers + clients are seeking when they are seeking you out of the crowd. Understand who they need, and chances are it is the same person you needed when you were in their position. Now you have grown, and you are the one capable of answering their questions.

  • Move beyond names, locations, age, income level, education, relationship status and gender when you are scoping out your audience. Pay attention to these details, too, but look for more substance and fewer surface details.
  • There is something uniquely magnetic about people who are drawn to you. Identify which wavelength you're both riding.
  • We all share a common enemy, and people tend to keep their friends close. Identify your shared pain points.
  • Don't honeypot people with promises of something you can't deliver just because you think it is what they want to hear. Taking advantage of people's innate wants and needs is bad for business and worse for humanity. Be a good human. No bait and switch content simply to drum up numbers. The goal is authentic engagement, not a collection of contact info.
  • Be open to the probability that you are not the ideal customer or client you are seeking. You are a partial match. Remember what you went through to get where you are today. Looking back is the first place you will find what you left behind and what everyone occupying that space needs from you now. 

What happens after I buy BizNiche Witch?

Most people overlook this part of the process the most because they assume they know their customers/clients. You might be convinced your ideal clients or customers are exactly like you. They probably are very similar, but are you creating something that doesn't exist or putting your own custom twist on something hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people around the world are doing or could do? You need to stand out by singling out the right group to sell your products + services to or no one will buy from you. You can't sell to everyone. You are probably not selling toilet paper or water, right?  

This course includes a real, hands-on workbook, weekly course emails, printable worksheets, guided activities on various websites with free or paid software on their sites, as well as, apps and a few videos from around the interwebs. If you have any questions along the way, Q+C office hours will be listed in the welcome page you receive as soon as you purchase the course. Due to limited availability, please draft all questions and send them in one email once you have completed the course.

Once you submit payment in full for this course, an email will be sent to confirm your purchase and the best contact information to deliver all of your materials. Q+C loves mail, so we wanted to offer a physical copy of the complete course workbook. Save yourself the trouble + expense of printing it at home, the library, the copy shop, or your day job.

  • Please include your shipping address + which course you are purchasing in the notes section at checkout.
  • Allow 7-10 business days for your order to arrive once the course has been UNLOCKED*.
  • BizNiche Witch is currently only available for PRE-ORDER!
  • Prices will increase as it gets closer to unlocking printing of the course workbook. These exclusive discounts are only available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Announcements about pricing increases will be posted on Instagram @QUARTZandCOAL and through the Creative Coven weekly emails.
  • The next pricing level will be $50, then $75 until the course is unlocked. Once the minimum number required to place the print order has been reached, the course will be UNLOCKED and the price will be raised to the full retail price of $100. 




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