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Frequently Asked Questions


+ Do I have to have a business already?

Nope! This course is set up to take any new creative entrepreneur from the very beginning phase of starting a business up to opening day.

+ Do I have to join the Facebook group?

That decision is 100% up to you. We will be doing a lot of extra course discussion and answering any questions other students bring up throughout the course in the group, but I'll also be sending out summary emails. We have live Q & A workshops scheduled too, but there will be replays available and it will also be live on our course website!

+ Can I get more coaching calls?

Absolutely! The schedule is limited during the open course period; however, if you missed the Pre-Sale bonus to schedule a call before the course begins, or it's after the course and you want more one-on-one feedback, additional coaching calls can be purchased for $100 per 90-minute call. Packages and local consultations are available if you're interested! Email me at for more information.

+ How long will the course last?

The course is broken up into 4 lessons to be completed on a weekly basis. After the course begins, we will have group discussions and live Q & A calls. In order to be flexible with everyone's schedules, the course is tentatively scheduled to be stretched out over a 6 week period. When we have completed the course material, there will be any final consulting for logo designs and coaching calls to finish up the course before we launch our next course BizNiche Witch!

+ What do I need to buy in addition to the course?

As you complete the course, you will be making some SERIOUS progress on building your business. While we all want to grow as fast as possible, sometimes our bank accounts have a hard time matching our ambitions. In our course, we try to recommend as many FREE resources as possible for bootstrapping your business in the beginning, and continuing to run a lean business to increase your profits. Initially, there are some investments worth making in your business such as domain names, web hosting, email services and other marketing tools and apps you can download to help build your business when you have extra funds to invest. NEVER feel obligated to buy anything you aren't ready to add to your business! We do not advocate for going into credit card or personal loan debt to build a sustainable business.

Some additional tools that would be helpful while completing the course include:

  • cell phone
  • computer
  • notebooks/journals
  • calendar/planner
  • pens/pencils
  • art supplies
  • magazines
  • books (but a library card is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)
  • candles in various colors

+ Do you have a refund policy?

This course is a collection of over 15 years of education in business, marketing, social media and good old life experiences in sales, financial and legal matters. If you find this course to be lacking in the content described above, please contact us to answer any questions you believe were not answered.

Due to the digital nature of this course, we do not offer refunds after the initial 7 days once the course has been launched. If you would like a refund prior to the course being released, please contact us at for your refund.

Please remember, your results are a direct reflection of your efforts. The course does not work, unless you do! The information presented here is a collection of examples and suggestions. This course is not guaranteed to magically create a successful business. Businesses take extreme patience, time and effort to be profitable. Please keep an open-mind, and let us know if we can help in any way. We want nothing more than your success! A rising tide lifts all boats...we're here to help you RISE!