Bewitched Branding turns your Magickal Mission into a Business Personality.


Create an exciting look + feel for your business with the perfect designs, words and vibes to help connect with the right clients + customers. Stay true to your values, your goals and your vision. Your business has a it’s own unique personality. Show the world what it’s made of with consistent, genuine style.


Say it right

Nothing sets the mood like clear copy writing. Use words to describe exactly what your audience can expect from your products and services. They’ll be lining up around the block + setting their clocks for every shop update, product launch and new service offering. Keep it short + sweet without sounding slimy or salesy!

  • Take a close look at the words + phrases you use to represent your business.

  • Establish rules about what you will and will NOT say to protect + promote your image.

  • Check your spelling, grammar, tenses and frequently misused words before sharing new content.

  • Be honest, transparent and original.

  • Acknowledge all references in your work.

  • Avoid using weird slang and complicated or repetitive words + phrases.

This part of the course will help you become a more creative, thoughtful, skilled writer while fostering your unique voice + tone. Remember there is no sarcasm font yet, so avoid confusing people who don’t know your writing style or sense of humor. It might confuse people or leave a bad impression!


stand for something

Your business is built on your own personal beliefs, ethics and spirituality. Creating a sustainable brand means practicing what you preach! Brand your business with a strong code of conduct to attract like-minded people who value the same things.

  • Define what you stand for with inspiring words + images.

  • Explore modern concepts like operating a feminist, inclusive business.

  • Learn ways to share your spiritual practices, beliefs and values in a positive, not preachy way.

  • Understand how partnerships, sponsors, affiliates, endorsements and advertisements effect your reputation.

  • Consider supporting causes you feel passionately about, take a political stand and help others without confusing people.


set yourself apart

Everyone uses color to represent their business. The psychology of color is it's own type of magick. Color outside the lines with your bold brand! Set the mood with enchanting colors, fonts, designs and pictures.

  • Avoid using your favorite color.

  • Collect meaningful ideas + inspiration in one place to explain your magickal mission.

  • Set design guidelines to make sure all of your content is cohesive, concise and clean.

  • Organize all of your design elements and special tools.

  • Schedule posts once a month to stay consistent. Consider a seasonal color or a special theme to keep it fresh + current.

What happens after I buy Bewitched Branding?


Branding is based on the intentions, or goals, you set when you started your business. This course is designed to help you make the perfect recipe for your own magickal, business potion!


Use Bewitched Branding to guide you when creating new content. As your business grows, the look + feel changes just like you. If you decide to rebrand any area of your business in the future, this course will help you cover all of the basics! 


This course includes emails with writing exercises + simple action steps, worksheets, guided activities using free tools and a few video tutorials. You’ll receive a welcome package when you purchase the course with more details and a suggested schedule.


After you pay for the course, you’ll get an email to verify your contact information. Q+C loves mail! ‘I wanted to offer a physical copy of the full course workbook to help you get the full experience and save you money on printing!


Bewitched Branding is currently available for PRE-ORDER only. All materials will be released in January. Reserve your copy before the price increases to $349 on launch day!




Interested in adding on a Strategy Session or Branding Audit?

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