The QUARTZ + COAL Manifesto

  • Q+C believes in creating an orderly, intentional life while learning how to blend self-care, business practices and spiritual work in a sustainable, harmonious way.

  • Q+C believes in using the energy necessary to build, launch and grow an organized, profitable business aligned with your magickal mission in this lifetime.

  • Q+C believes in the value of creativity, honesty and integrity.

  • Q+C believes knowledge is power and learning something new every day is necessary to thrive + manifest a grounded, magickal life with a crystal clear purpose.

  • Q+C believes in community service and makes every effort to conserve + protect our beautiful planet Earth, while soaking up sunshine and sharing dreams, gratitude, secrets and wishes with the Moon.

  • Q + C believes there is sky above, earth below and fire within every soul + without clean water, we will perish. Respect the elements and their home inside your Sacred Space.

  • Q+C believes time is one, true currency, and anyone who wishes to make the most of it should seek magick each day you are lucky enough to be alive.

How to Welcome MAGICK into Your Life

It takes a fierce, dedicated person to go out on their own as an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner. Get your head in the game by getting your heart in the right place first! I created the Heart of Gold Gratitude Journal to help you focus on what is truly important in your life. This journal brings your attention back to the present to help alleviate anxiety about the future and depression linked to the past. Use it to shift your mindset away from scarcity as you begin to realize how much there is to be grateful for in your life.

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Ready to take your business to the next level?

Pre-order one of our new courses! Click the buttons below each course to learn more, and reserve your seat. Once each course launches the price will DOUBLE! This pre-order helps direct creative time + energy where you need it most to grow your business.

Bewitched Branding

Business Personality + Magickal Mission 


(Retail price will range from $249-$597)

Lunar Logistics

Moon Cycle + Time Management


(Retail price will range from $499-$897)

QUARTZ + COAL, founded in 2016, is a Creative Collective for magickal, Female Entrepreneurs + Small Business Owners.


Nicole is a Creative Business Strategist from the mountains of wild, wonderful West Virginia. She attended college at Concord University, where she received a BS in Business Administration majoring in Marketing. She has sold handmade jewelry + vintage dresses internationally on Etsy for over 6 years while coaching female entrepreneurs all over the United States for the last 8 years.

She currently resides in a 99 year old farmhouse surrounded by flora + fauna under a blanket of stars. Attend an event with the Q+C Creative Collective at her home throughout the year. These events include Moon Circles, individual or group Strategy Sessions + Workshops about various business topics combined with the magickal elements found all around us.



For over 16 years, I have shared my education + experience with talented creative entrepreneurs + small business owners. See what some of my amazing clients have to say about working with QUARTZ + COAL.


Deja Osbourne

owner, graphic designer at Deja drew it

"Nicole has been a lifesaver for me. She has given me so much amazing advice and encouragement. Within one day of speaking to her, I saw a whole new vision for my business. I was flooded with so many ideas, and she helped me organize everything. She helped me take an idea to a full business model. I have learned so much from her. I feel so much more confident and determined than ever before. She has given me hope. 

She puts me to work. She made me face my fears. I have taken more action while getting real results. She showed me how to get stuff done on my own. She made everything crystal clear for me. Without QUARTZ + COAL, I would not have a business--I would have a product."




Chelsea Morphis 

Owner, Jewelry Designer at Gypsy hollow 

"Through the haze of Palo Santo smoke, this witchy woman has revolutionized my business and my life. QUARTZ + COAL helped establish the foundation I've built my business on, while it continues to grow. She is helping me manifest the future of my dreams."



Miouxnie West  

Owner/Artist at Meshii Skin

"Nicole is a great friend and business woman. Her marketing and organizational skills have both helped my businesses. I highly recommend her."